About The Skinny Sauce Company

Skinny Dip More Often with The Skinny Sauce Company. The first naturally sweetened but completely sugar-free brand of tabletop sauces. We provide the ultimate guilt-free flavour experience by refusing to compromise on taste. We live by the mantra ‘Skinny Sauce, Big Flavour’, and believe that our sauces rival any sugar-filled product.

Whether you are a weight loss seeker, have a medical condition (e.g. diabetes) or are simply someone who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle, our sauces are perfect for you!

The idea for The Skinny Sauce Company was hatched in our founder Maria’s kitchen in 2016. A self-confessed crash and burn dieter she was sick of always falling off the bandwagon due to bland and boring diet food. She decided it was time for an ‘honestly healthy’ alternative, avoiding the use of any cheap and nasty artificial sweeteners. After 2 years of development, our sauces are finally ready to be enjoyed by the world.

Join our sauce revolution now and kick bland food’s ass by skinny dipping more often!